Innovaqua has experience in projects, designs and installation of many closed circuit and recirculation systems, in fresh water as well as in salt water cultures with different species. Our own system has been developed with well proved results.


The recirculation systems are reusing the water of the culture with a minimum need of renewal of the system. With the limited percentage of water required for these systems, we can consider and call these systems as closed circuits. It is possible to size a model for any type of investigation or cultured species, from a small unit to condition brood stock, up to a complete plant for high density growth.


Through a recirculation system it is possible to keep the water quality at it`s best characteristic to enhance production growth, in fresh water as well as in salt water at minimum cost.





A closed circuit makes possible a control of the culture parameters and guarantees a constant water quality, therefore achieving:


- Maximum growth at any time of the year avoiding seasonal limits, keeps a good stability of the culture parameters in the best quality and with better control.


- Improve sustainability with an important reduction of water consumption (95%) and energy, it also reduces the need of land extension therefore improving the investment.


- It is possible to reduce and control the waste, which can be collected and treated, the environmental impact is minimized and the fee cost for public agency are drastically lowered.


- Better evaluation in planning productions related to reproducible results, production plans can easily enhance productivity to match market demand, and also improve traceability.


- The small water exchange capacity makes possible a well controlled disinfection financially affordable, assuring the best bio-security.


- The constant condition of the environment improves the sanitary condition of the animals reducing stress and mortality, and also improves feed conversion.


- Avoid risk of escapes.


- Decrease loss of production risks through security systems.





The recirculation is based on a process of waste effluent treatment to make possible water reuse by solids removal, biologic depuration, chemical stabilization, sterilization, de- nitrification, oxygenation...


In our projects we install materials and equipment of the latest technology, make them suitable to production needs according to situation; therefore investment and maintenance cost are minimized.

We can apply various automation and monitoring recirculation processes with a save on operation and consumption costs as well as labour costs. We also ensure the control and security to grant best health and growth rate.