Tray of next generation to cultivate shellfish and seafood in various ecosystems, to cultivate new species in areas previously out of reach, maximise growth and productivity


- Capacity of each single tray over 10 Kg of product

- 5 trays can be placed one upon another for 50 Kg of product

- Hydrodynamic, to better stand of the water flow

- Interspaces sized to optimise water circulation

- Partition of internal section to improve uniform growth

- Precise height to avoid polymorphism

- Figure shaped to easy cleaning and washing

- Reusable

- Modular or with single elements open or closed

- Very simple to assemble and to handle

- Easy assembly and disassembly for big save on trasport
and stocking cost (1 > 5)mite un gran ahorro de transporte y almacenaje (1 > 5)


Pre-growing, growout, Finishing, Stocking, Depuration, Relaying….