Horizontal System with SKIM directly placed in stocking tank. Horizontal Systems with different solutions of Skim placing. Depuration Systems, de-sanding and stocking and live holding systems of shellfish and crustaceans to feed the supply chain live fish, respecting the main community health legislation.


Holding Systems for quantities exceeding 2.000 kg of shellfish or 1.000 kg of crustaceans.


Closed circuit systems with proper temperature control, based on innovative skimmer technology called SKIM by Acqua&Co, with different shellfish stocking and holding tanks: in concrete, in fiberglass, in insulated bins.


Projecting and installation of live holding systems with control of temperature, shellfish depuration in horizontal way with stocking capacity exceeding 2.000kg in different tanks: concrete, fiberglass, insulated bins.


Horizontal System with SKIM directly placed into the stocking tanks.



Horizontal systems with different technology solutions available



SKIM systems installed with auxiliary tanks



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Closed circuit System for live holding and stocking of Lobster, Crayfish, Crab, Prawn, Spider Crab, Mantis Shrimp.


Amount of stocking from 1000kg and over.

Horizontal System with concrete tanks, fiberglass tanks or insulated containers in polyethylene.