Our passion for this activity always featured innovation and improvement of the technical and environmental solutions, achieving a very high professional standard, targeted to save energy, and minimize environmental invasion.


Our systems become a must, to balance an ecosystem possibly stressed by strong fishing pressure.


The capabilities experienced in this field, drive to spread our knowledge and promote 
as a good source of activity and sport enjoyment.


Today’s fisheries are not just successful sport fishing centers, but activities where various projects dedicated to nature and the environment are developed.

Innovaqua solutions are well caring, low energy consumption, easy management and protection to the fish population.

De-stratification, aeration, de-icing as well as the experiences gained in water treatment are the basics to achieve the features required for a lake dedicated to sport fishing.


The deep knowledge of dynamic in soil ecosystems give us the capability to find the correct solution for the health of a lake and in accordance to the living fish species.


We can offer adjustment and correction dedicated to the proper requirement of the specific activity of the fisheries, matching very exacting and technically prepared fishermen.




A strong dedication in the fisheries industry, makes INNOVAQUA biologists capable of offering project and systems consultancy of own design to produce environmental conditions of a river in an artificial reservoir. It is made possible to naturalize in the same reservoir, different species of fish which in nature live in very different ecosystems.


The installation of circulator, a proper design of the water body and its orography it is possible to arrange deep water areas, shallow and flowing water, making different settings suitable for many fishing techniques.