Aqua Nest is an artificial structure designed to improve habitat and rehabilitation of environments, enabling the development of natural ecosystems. On the support of a fixing Nest Aqua synthetic substrates provided with a wide surface, producing a natural food generation and biological processes for preparation of various aquatic species. Each tube can be rotated from 0 ° to 180 °, and also insert various lengths tubular structures ... .. to 140 cm.


From small ornamental ponds to large lakes, ponds, at sea, the system contributes to help fishermen, biologists and environmental technicians in both public and private waters.

Manufactured nontoxic plastic for durability. The tubular structures are very light to be hollow with rough textured outer surface which provides an extremely large surface. Only 16 tubes of 75 cm length provide 2.90 meters square outside. A system consisting of 24 upper tubes and lower tubes 24 with 60 cm diameter support base is 9 square meters!




The inner tubular section promotes the growth of micro organisms which allow biological filtration, while the external surfaces developed on the growth of benthic organisms. On the surface of the support, will be set to produce many natural food organisms: bacteria, zooplankton and phytoplankton. The rough surface provides substantial support for periphyton (plant or animal organisms that adhere to the surfaces of leaves and stems of plants rooted below the surface).



AQUA NEST provides refuge for small fish to predators and find food in its branches



You can increase the availability of settlement for different aquaculture species in certain areas of any surface water, creating benchmarks where each AQUA NEST helps increase productivity. It is very impressive to see the amount of fish that really sit around ACQUA NEST .... A real contribution to sport fishing and conservation.



ACQUA NEST swabs can be used to start with and promote the reproduction of various specieses




ACQUA NEST can be used as collectors in mariculture




ACQUA NEST also has numerous advantages in the cultivation of crustaceans:


- Its structure allows a substantial increase in population density.

- Increases production of reducing natural food conversion rate (FCR)

- Increases the grass surface and the support surface

- Supports the biological filtration in closed or zero water exchange

- Reduces cannibalism




The AQUA NEST can be used in conjunction with the floating islands, using them under them instead of cages. The number of branches can be increased or decreased according to specific application. A "wall" of Aqua Nets can be placed through a channel to prevent fishing cormorants pursue fish underwater. This offers similar advantages of placing a network without the risk of any fish gill.