IINNOVAQUA, engineers systems capable to solve the various problems arising in natural environments exposed to the effects of anthropization and pollution, also in artificial and ornamental ponds where a very high water quality is required.

As in all ecosystems, water bodies are devoted to delicate equilibriums, if manipulated this can cause very unpleasant effects and if devoted to production activity, serious economic damages.

The deep knowledge and experience of Innovaqua technicians in this field can propose machines studied to solve the specific problems, all offering minimum environmental impact, with given priority to low electric consumption technologies.




Many natural aquatic ecosystems, exposed to the increasing anthropic pressure, are not always capable to metabolise in their own auto-epurative cycle all the organic material coming into their body.


They will produce serious algae blooms, which can lead to strong anoxic conditions, a main reason of fish mass mortality and bad odours.


Strong antrophisation and located domestic or industrial discharges in a water body, e.g. river or lake, will eventually lead to a non aesthetic situation as well as ecological unsustainability. Algae blooms, bad odours, water turbidity, fish die and sediments corruption.


As a result of the eutrophisation there is low oxygen concentration in the water, this serious problem can also be the reason of a non natural over population of the environment, both natural and artificial for sport or farming activity.


It is possible to maintain the oxygen concentration of dissolved oxygen close to saturation, by injecting air or pure oxygen into the system with air injectors, mixers and circulators capable of keeping the same values on all the water column.



Extended condition of ice further covered by snow on its surface can create oxygen depletion, even if the metabolism has slowed down, all life forms continue their life cycle. As a consequence of such a situation die-off could happen in the aquatic ecosystem along with economic loss.


Some small attention and low environmental impact systems are good enough to easily solve the problem.


If the ice cover goes on several days and the fish swim close to the surface under the ice, it could be an indication that dissolved oxygen is drastically decreasing, such an oxygen depletion can cause fish die-off but also an increase of pathogenic agents as well as the disruption of the ecosystem.


The installation of our mixers will make possible to remove the ice from a located area
or from all the lake so that oxygen can return to its equilibrium condition.


Such an easy device can protect any form of life without any injury or stress to the ecosystem, natural or artificial.