INNOVAQUA has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of tanks and tubs for the transport of live fish in water, including shellfish and crustaceans. Our products line SPEED  presents a wide range of robust tubs from 70 to 1,200 liters of capacity,  easy to carry in a small truck or pick-up vans. Containers, made of plastic with food grade certification, are insulated for a proper temperature maintenance. On request it can be incorporated with an automatic temperature control system with own heat exchanger in titanium. You can join one or two bottles of liquid oxygen at different positions on request.




We have several options to configure the live transport tank which best satisfies your needs: lids with silicon seals, lids with transparent window, watertight closures, exit valves ....




Install robust diffusers in sintered stainless steel AISI 316L, which have excellent oxygen dissolution performance compared to other diffusers. We also set pressure and flow regulators for oxygen bottles.



We also have an automated version for oxygenation of the tanks during transport. This controller optimizes the consumption of oxygen during the transportation, as well as ensures the correct level of dissolution as well as allow monitoring without need to open the lid.

Through the INNOVAQUA controller powered by a 12V, you can monitor the dissolved oxygen levels thanks a robust probe installed inside the tank. You can also connect an alarm in the cockpit to warn of any abnormalities in the levels of solution during transport.