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Industrial UV


Water disinfection by ultraviolet radiation (U. V) is a physical process which does not alter the chemical composition, neither the taste nor the colour of the water. The safety of UV sterilization is proven scientifically and is an alternative safe, effective, environmentally friendly and economical compared to other methods of disinfection of water, such as chlorination.


U.V. irradiation constitutes one of the bands of the electromagnetic spectrum and provides greater energy of visible light. The UV Irradiation of germs in the water causes a series of damage to their DNA molecules, which prevents cell division and causes their death.


Most of the radiation is from the germicidal wavelength of 254 nm. DNA exposed to this energy has a maximum absorption, resulting in an irreversible inactivation of the development of germs.


The main application of UV filters is the disinfection of water. Any industry that uses water in its production process is subject to the use of these technologies.


Our equipment can be supplied in either Stainless Steel 316 and Polyethylene (special for seawater), all with different finishes, accessories and options ...


Our UV sterilizers are composed of:

1.- Irradiation chamber


2.- Quartz Tube


3.- Germicidal Lamp


4.- Electrical Cabinet comprising:
- Switch / pilot operation
- Display alarm failure
- UV intensity meter
- Ready to integrate acoustic or visual alarm




we have a wide range of equipment with different flow rates up to 600 m3/h and a great versatility of machines, which can be mounted in parallel or in-line, vertically or horizontally, compact or modular machines, simplifying the installation and Setup.







The manual cleaning system consists of a stainless steel rod that serves as a guide for scrapers, united to it, running along the quartz tube, inside the irradiation chamber, cleaning the dirt on them.




The measuring cell consists of a sensor that monitors the level of radiation inside the camera and displayed on a screen installed in the Cabinet.



OPTIONS - Connections




The connection between the irradiation chamber and the hydraulic circuit can be proposed either through threaded male connections through flanges adapted. The first version is particularly recommended for low-flow filters while connecting flange for filters with high-flow filters. (See the table with technical characteristics). 







Range Filters without Cleaning System


Características Técnicas - Dimensiones y Conexiones







Características técnicas – Caudal y potencia eléctrica







Cuadro eléctrico



Range Filters UV with Clean System


Specifications - Exploded












UV Small Flows


For small flows, the UV FIAP Activa is ideal for the elimination of pathogens and reduction of algae growth. The use of new technology T5 lamps increase its efficiency by 30% compared to conventional lamps.

- Innovative New Technology.

- New T5 lamp for maximum UV radiation (30% more than the power of conventional bulbs).

- PVC products.

- Peephole to check on the operation.

- Internal Spiral increases the efficiency of radiation.

- Low power consumption, high efficiency.

- Available for fresh water and salt water.