Miranda - Monitoring & Control System


is an integral control system of parameters for aquaculture and water industries developed by INNOVAQUA.

is an excellent work tool robust and reliable for producers, managers and researchers, allowing you to monitor and control parameters in real-time, on-site or remotely.


is an open system and can be adaptable to any size of facility. With INNOVAQUA many years of experience and knowledge, they are able design products offering great versatility and adapting to the situation to obtain the optimum performance at the lowest cost.


Basically, the system consists of two complementary and independent units: , which connects and controls sensors and devices, processing the data autonomously; and , which allows this information to be securely accessed through a browser from various locations.




Miranda is the only automated control system in the market that integrates the exclusive Self-feeding System developed by INNOVAQUA, for feeding management in aquaculture sites. See more about INNOVAQUA autodemand system.





The second level is the Automation Control Box (Automation Control Box) including an industrial PLC with color touch screen. Employing appropriate probes, it reads the levels of parameters (pH, oxygen, temperature, etc.), acting on the devices (pumps, valves, etc.) and maintaining the levels within the desired ranges. is an autonomous element and can work independently from . EThis architecture increases the system reliability against failures and minimizes the risk of accidents and losses.




can be connected to any standard device with 4-20 mA, 0-20 mA and 0-10 Volts, or digital communications.



INNOVAQUA has designed several specific control modules for aquaculture, integrated in Mirandasuch as photoperiod, thermoperiod or feeding management..



Miranda SDA


The third level is the Supervisor Data Acquisition (Supervisor Data Acquisition) a WEB SERVER based on LINUX (DEBIAN distribution):


- MySQL database engine.

- Field communications module specifically developed.

- APACHEweb server with php technology, which can be accessed from any standard web browse and simultaneusly from multiple devices.



Miranda SDA is connected to controllers via cable, optic fiber or radio (communications network), collecting the field data and incorporating them into the database, also allowing the execution of orders and programming of different control systems. Includes the following functions:


- Parameters display in real-time

- Devices status display in real-time

- Information showed with color codes for a quick interpretation

- Management of historical data graphing

- Information export in standard CSV file, compatible with most of data management applications

- Alarm management through SMS and/or e-mail

- Interaction with devices in local mode or remotely (INTERNET)

- Automatic back up in local removable standard SD card

- Key-code system, allowing the quick replacement of a defective machine


Miranda presents parameters in real time, allows users to manage data history through graphs, exports data and automatically makes backup copies.





Miranda is a scalable system, adaptable to the current parameter control needs of aquaculture facilities. In addition, it is an ideal tool for both research centres and universities; as well as small and large scale production companies.




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