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- Force 7


- Force 7 PRO


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ECO is a venturi type water- air mixer, high efficiency at low cost, by this simple device it is possible to enrich water coming from a pump or by gravity with air or pure oxygen with high dissolution transfer rate. ECO2 has been designed to optimise water supply in the most economical way, with best conditions, oxygenated and well mixed.


A fast dissolution process is made possible to remove in the form of micro bubbles, toxic gases which are sometimes saturating the water.





Below you can find 5 types of installations:


Wall mounted.

Recommended installation for tanks in plastic reinforced by fibre glass or in metal above the ground.

Stand-alone installation.

Recommended installation for applications on the bed with flexible or rubber hoses or considerable depths for wich fixed installations or ones with rigid pipes are difficult.

Free installation or on pipeline. It can be installed in any position and/or direction.

Installation fixed on pole or tresile.

Recommended installation for floating cages and / or tanks in the ground or when it is desired to connect it with rubber hoses.

Fitting directly to submersible pump.

Recommended installation when it is desired to intoke and mix with air and oxygen at a desired depth.







See also: FORCE 7 PRO


- Very handy equipment, capable to inject in the water a huge volume of air as well as pure oxygen in form of micronized bubbles.


- Force 7 also operates as a circulator, water flow is made to homogenize oxygen and de-stratify the water column, temperature and oxygen are well balanced without any problem of corrosion or turbidity.


- Activates the foam fractionation effect to eliminate by flotation a huge quantity of small particles and dissolved proteins, improving water quality.


- Very useful to degas and clean water and soil.


- Adjustable depth from 0,5 to 2 meters, to enhance propeller performances.


- Adjustable motor angle+35º to direct water flow.


- Available in 1 and 1,5 hp 50 hz and 1 to 3 hp 60 hz single phase and threephases.


- Lightweight (11 and 13,5 kg) easy to handle and install.





By creating horizontal water flow and vertical stream of air, Force 7 prevents all forms of stratification, making the ecosystem uniform. Temperature and oxygen will be balanced at any level from the bottom to the surface, the constant flow generated by Force 7 will prevent gas pockets from forming.





Force 7 best performance in oxygen transfer rates in the water are guaranteed. It can inject and dissolve pure oxygen with no dispersion from 0,5 meters up to 8 meters.








FORCE 7 PRO is a more powerful model of the FORCE 7, better performance and capacity offers the same own characteristic: aeration, oxygenation, degassing, destratification, foam fractionation as well as soil and water care











- High dissolution capacity submersible aerator.


- Vertical circulation with no turbulence, suitable for hatchery and pre growing stages.


- Direct oxygen diffusion up to 3m depth. Induced up to 6m depth.


- De-stratification from 3 mt depth.


- Manufactured with corrosion resistant materials, suitable for sea water application.


- Lightweight and easy to handle.


- Can operate continuously or in emergency situation.


- Models from 0,5 to 1 hp. On request available up to 5 hp.