Very often artificial ponds, residential lakes and aquatic port areas are shallow, they are exposed to algae blooms and turbidity, it becomes very important to keep the surface moving and a proper degassing. It is recommended the application of systems offering also ornamental aspects.








Also on the sea a strong antrophic condition can result in cases of anoxia and rot sediments, which cause production of bad odours.
Marinas are well exposed to such a problem because they are located where hydrocarbon and bilge waste are spilled.


The problems related to waste of these pollutants can be solved with a good and continued aeration in the crucial areas and where water is stagnating.
Innovaqua has developed various solutions applied to ports and marinas which have demonstrated highly satisfactory results.


A very high oxygen transfer rate, high capacity in water movement and low running and service cost are the key factors of successful Innovaqua operation in this very demanding field.