Miranda - Monitoring & Control System



Dosing and Accuracy

Broad range of applications: hatcheries, nurseries, ongrowing plants and research centers..


Various feed types: agglomerated crumbs, extruded granules, pellets.....


Allows up to 6 mm granules *(It is also available the BR model that can supply up to 22 mm pellets)



A single engine allows multiple applications with a wide variety of accessories to configure depending on the feed size and application.


The power unit includes a low pressure air blower for micro-diets in high humidity environments, keeping the feed dried and avoiding a caking effect.


Designed with specific accessories to avoid the vault effect when used with small grain and high-fat feed.


Several dosing disks from 0.3 gr. to 100 gr. per dose.


3 to 10-liter transparent hopper with a stainless steel bracket adaptable to all types of tanks and reservoirs. 30 Kg HDPE Hopper with a lid provided with bayonet lock in three points to improve insulation. Robust mobile support available.


Electric or compressed air spreaders.


It works with safe voltage to 24 VAC.


Compatible with Innovaqua self feeding controller and Miranda Monitoring & Control System


Controlled by timers, integrates the exclusive self feeding system developed by INNOVAQUA and Miranda Monitoring & Control System for maximum control in dosage (thereby saving cost of feed and water quality